Real Time Ads for Super Bowl 50

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest televised events of the whole year, and the hoopla starts earlier and earlier each time it comes around…sort of like how Christmas decorations come out sooner each year. We all know why it happens: The media and retail businesses create a fervor around every holiday or event, hoping to sell more products, services, and advertising.Super Bowl and Real Time Ads

Why don’t we boycott the ever-expanding hype? Because we all love a reason to celebrate and the festive atmosphere that goes with it. And if you are a true blue lover of NFL football, the buildup for Super Bowl L (50) is irresistible.  Since this is a landmark year for the Super Bowl, the anticipation of celebrating the 50th game is exploding.

Tech giant Google is hoping to grab a bigger piece of the advertising revenue this year by offering real time ads on YouTube and Google’s Display Network. These ads are similar to what advertisers might do on platforms such as Twitter, where content is pushed out live as the event is taking place. Even though the promotion will be pre-planned, it is a way for brands to be more relevant and spontaneous.

During a press event on Wednesday the 20th, the managing director of agency sales at Google, Tara Walpert Levy said, “The goal for marketers and being able to react real-time in a way that really resonates with folks around big cultural events and the micro-moments that go with them is common across many platforms.”

You can’t blame any company for wanting to monetize on the amount of dollars being spent by consumers and businesses during big events. Last year’s Super Bowl claimed the highest amount of consumer spending of any previous championship game at 14.3 billion. Along with that, a 30 second TV Ad in 2015 cost 4.5 million, up from 2.3 million in 2002, and advertisers spent a total of 345 million on ad spots during the big game.

That is a lot of money streaming through one event!  It will be interesting to see the stats from 2016 and beyond. One thing I know for sure….I personally love the Super Bowl Ads!

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