Google’s Newest Virtual Assistant Will Rival the Amazon Echo

As active, hard-working business owners, we are both focused on our company as well as trying to maximize the quality time we are able to spend together, with friends and family. With all the tech advances being developed at lightning speed, using products that assist in finding this balance is critical. One such product is a high quality speaker that can play your favorite music but more importantly, it can talk to you and help you with daily tasks without having to even touch your PC or mobile device.

The Amazon Echo is an example of this type of technology. However, word is out that Google’s newest virtual assistant could cause a shift in the ongoing power struggle between these two tech giants. To activate the VA (virtual assistant), you only have say “her” name, Alexa.  If desired, this “wake word” can be changed to Amazon or Echo.

So, what can Alexa and Amazon Echo do?

*Reads books, news, weather, sports reports…whatever you choose.
*Answers questions that we used to stop and Google on a device.
*Plays music from several sources on a great sound system.
*Dial whatever number you need to call.
*Control compatible lights, switches, and thermostats

Amazon Echo vs Google Home

Amazon is constantly adding new skills and features to Alexa’s repertoire, which is receiving very good reviews. Sounds pretty amazing, huh? Well, here comes Google’s rival to the Echo – Google Home.

The Home assistant was recently announced at Google’s annual conference for developers. It’s something they’ve been working on for quite some time now, with other ventures such as the thermostat controlling Google Nest being combined into a larger, more all-encompassing device.

Google Home can do pretty much everything the Amazon Echo can do. In addition, it synchronizes with any Google Cast device, allowing you to group it with your other speakers and use voice commands to stream movies and video to your TV with the Chromecast device. It also has a little bit more of a contemporary look compared to the Echo, but both are extremely functional time savers.

Here’s what has to say about the Google Home:

Like the Echo, Google Home is also a speaker that can keep music and entertainment streaming directly from the cloud to insure top-notch quality. As you’d expect, it offers Google Cast support, so you can group it with your other speakers for multi-room audio or start playing videos on your television with Chromecast. And yes, both of those are voice-controlled tasks. You can even tell Home to play music on another piece of audio gear in another room, as opposed to the whole group or just Home itself.

In addition, Google Home will serve as your Internet of Things hub, linking all of your connected devices like lights, cameras, thermostats and small appliances. You can also swap out the base to better match your decor, but the LEDs that provide a visual status update will remain on the bottom of the speaker. Home gives you access to Google Assistant as well, allowing you to ask follow-up questions until you get the answers you’re after. It will also browse your schedule to give you an idea of what your day looks like as you’re heading out the door.

Read the full article here:  

This video from demonstrates the Google Home device by giving the features of the new product. 

So, the battle is once again on between Google and Amazon to see who can win the sales war of in-home virtual assistants. Both companies have massive amounts of resources to keep pushing each other into the ring of competition. Many say that Google’s Home can’t possibly win the fight since Amazon has such a head start and pretty much controls the product search market, but it will be a fun fight to watch.

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