The New Adwords Click-To-Message Extension

When you choose Google Adwords as your marketing platform, you are shown on search when someone types in the keywords you are targeting. Once your ad is clicked on, the user is taken to your website. However, if you use ad extensions, which is a way of adding more information to your paid ad such as specific web pages or in this case a click-to-text message, you chances of grabbing a users attention is increased.

Google has been experimenting with the click-to-text message extension for a few months, but it is finally live and available. This allows an interested online shopper to click the button and send a text message to the business. This article in Search Engine Land describes the newly released feature:

Google AdWords click-to-text message extension is coming out of beta
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When users click on a message extension or icon, their phone’s SMS app will launch automatically.

In the example provided by Google above, you’ll notice the call and message extensions are served in cards below the main ad. That’s a departure from showing just the icons to the right of the ad copy that we are used to seeing. For message extensions, this new format allows advertisers to include a call to action in the extension text.

Advertisers also set up an initial text that pre-populates in the messaging app after a user clicks the extension. Users are able to edit that message before sending, but it’s an opportunity for advertisers to help users save time by anticipating what they’re likely to be interested in. Advertisers that are able to get that right will likely see better engagement rates.

Clicks on message extensions are charged just like a regular click on a headline or extension. Message extensions can be set at the campaign and ad group levels, and they can be scheduled to appear during certain periods of the day. If you run message extensions after hours or on days when the business is closed, you can set expectations in the message text on those extensions. (It’s also possible to use an autoresponder to let users know when to expect a response.)

See the full post here:  Google AdWords click-to-text message extension is coming out of beta

If you haven’t used Adwords lately, you may be surprised at how complex setting up a campaign is. Most people hire a pay-per-click expert to manage the process because it is time consuming and can be expensive if you don’t monitor it closely. This video gives a short tutorial on how to use site-link extensions when setting up an Adwords ad, which are similar to the click-to-message extension:

There are some specific rules that have to be followed by Google when you use the new Adwords click-to-message extension. The requirements are fairly basic, asking that the business phone number be local and that you respond in a reasonable amount of time. Factors such as misusing personal information or inappropriate content are also included.

This is Google’s support page for this Adwords extension:

Click to message extension requirements – Advertising Policies Help

Click to message extensions allow your customers to contact you by text in response to an advertisement. Click to message extensions, including advertiser-provided message text, are subject to the standard AdWords policies. To ensure that your customers have the best experience when interacting with you by text, we also have additional requirements below.

Phone number requirementsGoogle Adwords Logo

The following is not allowed:

*Phone numbers that are inaccurate, inactive, irrelevant, or that don’t connect to the advertised company

*Phone numbers that are not local or domestic for the targeted country

*Premium numbers, which are numbers that require users to pay additional charges to complete the text
Example: Using a United States phone number to reply to texts for an advertisement targeting Kenya

If your extension violates this policy, edit it to make it comply.

Unacceptable response

The following is not allowed:

*Slow or unreasonable response times to messages received from users
Examples: Failure to respond to the user, waiting an unreasonable period of time to respond to the user

*Irrelevant or unwanted messages sent to users who have responded to ads
Examples: Texting about a product or service unrelated to the original ad, repeated texting with no response

Read the full support page here:  Click to message extension requirements – Advertising Policies Help

This exciting new feature allows business owners who are advertising on Google the opportunity to connect with interested users in real time. You can catch them at the exact moment when they are searching for the product or service you are offering. Because some people don’t like calling or leaving a message, this seems to be a great way to link up with someone ready to purchase right now.


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